The M+ Magazine Project

“PRINT IS DEAD!” Said Jeff Gomez. I agreed, and started up a social media only magazine as a native of an expanding digital culture that incorporated:

  1.  The millenials’ habit of posing everything, EVERYTHING online
  2.  The abundance of creatives worldwide needing an impartial, new platform that was published in English and available for free
  3.  Social Media’s emerging importance as a PR tool in 2009 and 2010 as being the primary source of viral and ultra-popular, disposable culture 

I began the ‘M+’ (which stands for Media+) project as Editor in 2009 with a team of writers including South American correspondent Girish Gupta, indie cartoonist and sci-fi commentator James Clayton, physicist Tim Grundy, Woman’s Own’s Helen Stuart and others.  This passion became a 3-year flagship transmedia project with independent film studio (now disbanded and operating anarchically), Future Artists.

The magazine explored three separate online platforms: Tumblr, MyEbook and Facebook, as well as gathering popularity on social media following. M+ has left a legacy which sees its platform strategy followed by a number of mainstream international publications.


From 2009 – 2012, M+ was an online art, media, music and film magazine.

From Paul Greengrass to Lady Gaga, to indie Sci-Fi writer Zo Hashim; band-to-watch Letters to Fiesta and artist Fugitive Empire to new writers Tim Grundy and James Stevens: it became the independent platform for a growing roster of creatives.

M+ on

The magazine evolved from the ‘myebook’ platform, to a transmedia magazine made up of blogs, Facebook groups and a fanpage, to a downloadable pdf – and finally, to its own shareable website.

M PLUS: THE PILOT ISSUE ->M+ Issue One, March 2011 ->

M+ continues to be a role model for new, global digital zines and media students across the world. It featured in a Cornerhouse seminar entitled ‘Print Is Dead’ by its editor.

It has since seen larger magazines and newspapers, including UK’sThe Guardian and USA’s The Atlantic, move onto Tumblr as a shareable, audience-generating platform.

M+ supported emerging artists, writers and photographers after 3 years online. It now serves as a permanent and important piece of their portfolios.


The magazine was originally in association with myebook and bespoke creative directory The Chook.

Original PILOT issue back Cover by artist Philo Nordlund. Some rights reserved.


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