About The Blog

SPEECHMARKS is: film, tech, music, indie focus; long form journalism, pop culture, fiction. 1,700 readers per month, & me.

We’re all a bit weird, and consume culture eclectically.



It’s also a collection of work comprising interviews, reviews, comment and features by journalist Jane M. She’s been published in magazines across the UK including The Guardian, iVillage, FCKLDN, DisorderCine Vue, This Is Fake DIY, and her own printless project ‘M+ Magazine’, and more.

Jane has also shares presenting duties with John Robb at Manchester’s independent film shownight, Kino Film.


As well as being a portfolio, Speechmarks reflects and reports with a passion for new media and entertainment across the board: TV, Films and Music. It’s been online since 2008 and the blog now attracts 20,000 visitors a year. Niche, but content.

Own, ad-free & printless project M+ Magazine began in 2009. Though on hiatus after gaining a strong 40,000 monthly readership, M+ continues to be a role model for new, global digital zines and media students across the world. It featured in a Cornerhouse seminar entitled ‘Print Is Dead’ by its editor.

It has since seen larger magazines and newspapers, including UK’sThe Guardian and USA’s The Atlantic, move onto Tumblr as a shareable, audience-generating platform.

Way back when…

SPEECHMARKS SERVES AS a public archive of work, too. It  contains a selection of Jane’s work as News Editor for the UK’s biggest student campus paper, ‘Student Direct’/’The Mancunion’, where she worked religiously for 2 years and met everyone, from Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband to Matt Damon, Ladyhawke and Elijah Wood’s record label.

You’ll also find pieces from Jane cutting her teeth aged 16. While some articles remain here, a lot of this previous work has been lost. She interviewed personal heroes writing for various music magazines/following musicians around the UK under a courageous selection of noms des plumes… (sometimes it’s the only way they’ll publish you) including ‘Jane M’, ‘Janey Liz’ and ‘Janey Moose’.




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