Wrote a thing for Thumbsticks – check it!

Hello! So, I seem to be a bit behind on this blog – only because I’m so busy writing on much better publications than this! Also I’d be pitching for that lil’ company Pixelbomb Games Limited.

One these publishers is Thumbsticks, a magazine about gaming which is not too dissimilar to the depth of Edge and the fun of Games Master; but then I would say that. And yet it is true.


The piece is called ‘The Northern Powerhouse and Gaming: Will The Manchester Scene Catch Up?” and relies heavily on the expert input of Keith Andrew, who’s been in the industry for years. Go and read! There’s a real trove of detailed feature articles and upcoming review writing talents which deserve lots of your time, if you like that kind of thing.

Keith also has an amazing website with a blog that’s always a quality coffee-break read and will make your prose quality-meets-journo-vibes tingle.



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