YOU ARE NOT UGLY: (Before and After is a False Dichotomy)

[AKA re-working a Buzzfeed post into something positive which doesn’t clickbait based on conditioned insecurities]

Dear women everywhere, 

You already know this. The gloss is not your boss, but we keep letting it be because retouching is something that’s become our reality.


katy perry photoshopped



We keep allowing these conflicted messages to tell us our butts are too big AND too small. Our eyebrows are too unruly AND too weak. Our skin is too matte and too shiny.

which image was the first?


We are not ugly. There is no ‘Before’ and ‘After’; the dichotomy is made up of adverbs: not nouns. They are not states of being. Not goals or potentials or dreams. Leave out the capital letters – we have a before and an after and two huge pins placed angrily onto something that moves. Onto a human being in flux, in time, and in environments it usually can’t control.

angelina jolie gif


They are not what you think they are and they know it.

Cameras lie, all the time. The pictures – even more.

Real beauty is honest – to the point of being unabashedly flawed. 

pro the pre makeover

We are beautiful without the alterations.

We can be pro the pre-makeover.

We can have wrinkles. Fat. Spots. Freckles. Dark shadows. Sun spots. Laughter lines. Furrows. Pores. 


eva medez

You’re supposed to wake up in the morning and just be. For those first fifteen minutes of your day, you’re meant to *just*. *Be*.

Your body and your face and your mind can’t keep waiting for you to love them.

Life’s too short.





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