Stream of Consciousness: Test 5

pulling strings


Stream of Consciousness: Test 3


My name’s Simon and I don’t care what you think. Not necessarily your thoughts. Your thoughts are precious. Your thoughts are your temple and I care about what you think of me, not your thoughts. Oh bless. Perhaps you think me a devil. I won’t tell though because if you thought I didn’t like your thoughts, then you would think that and then, hey; therein’s the jape’s trick! The confession. Did you get that? Was that subtle enough for me to take your smiles and ideas? I should have whispered it to you, then you’d get it. Then you’ll let me have them.

The only thing that matters is that I win this Culture of Personality and this culture of glamour. I’m a man, but I want them all to bow like I am a god. I am a God. I am God. I’ll make it away and get away with everything.

Heart of Gold was written for a reason, right? Gold’s priceless. I can make a lot of money off gold or at least babe, have it easy for a while. I know what you think. I’ll tell you what you think.

I’ll beat the shit out of it.

That pocket where you have a Personal Jesus ain’t a patch on me. Tell me everything, sweetheart. I care about what you think. I don’t care what you think. I’ll sell it.


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