For Posterity: I Know Some Legends

Have you heard of a gameathon? It’s kinda like a marathon, only there’s no running – and you’re not aiming for a time.
In fact, you’re looking to get the LONGEST possible time. Yes, it means sacrificing fresh air, real food and sleep for many hours. But when you’re doing it for a good cause, it’s okay!


So that’s what the lads were doing last week. My fella, plus Ben Bulow, James Wilkes, James Noel, Jack Simpson and Andrew Bruce generally drink a lot together, but I guess you could say they are a community of retro gamers based in the great city of Manchester. Yeah, they like video games. They also like poker. And drinking. And while they do this normally, the lads did it for a good cause this year.

The charity, based in the USA ,working with children across the world is called ‘Child’s Play’.

They’re a ‘kitchen-table’ charity which actively provides toys and games for children in hospital all over the world – often, for children who are going through the worst pain and illness in their lives.

The original challenge was to play Desert Bus for as long as humanly possible. Which is insane, because it’s an unbeatable game which is exactly the same as driving a bus only a) you’re not going anywhere and b) you’re looking at the same screen. For a really, really, really… really long time. Plus, the ever-judgemental but often accurate accurate New York Times called it the Worst Video Game of All Time.

So they changed it up. Alex, James, Ben, Mike James, Jack, and Jane (you might know and like/love these people!) were playing:

1)Texas Hold’em – winner takes all (well, for charity)

2) Final Fantasy I – finish in the fastest time

3) Diablo II – complete within before Desert Bus get to 4 points (24 hours’ worth of gaming).

They guys managed to raise nearly £100 for charity, along with nearly 100 fans for their Facebook page! …which you can go and like here:

They also – in fact, I think this became more of the focal point than they expected – streamed a live covers & originals gig on Spreecast.

There’s going to be a photos and a video posted soon from the big night(s)! I just wanted to document this for posterity.


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